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Make Town Criers Great(er) again

Discussion in 'Release 61 Feedback' started by Dirk Hammerstrike, Jan 6, 2019.

  1. Dirk Hammerstrike

    Dirk Hammerstrike Avatar

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    Hail Travelers!

    When entering a new town I'm often looking for the inn, or perhaps the bank. Sometimes my maps indicate the location of the establishment. Sometimes not. The town crier currently gives us a list of all the Avatar's locations in town, and ability to set our compass to reach one of those locations. I would greatly appreciate if town criers could do the same for other establishments. Sometimes it takes the town crier a while to recall the full list of all of the avatar locations. Perhaps a different inquiry could have them think of all of the other places in their town?

    Cross posted from Game Features ....
  2. Black Tortoise

    Black Tortoise Avatar

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    Storm's Reach
    I agree.

    Also, I think guards need to have a dialog to also assist you with finding directions / locations. What else do they do besides provide animated visual fluff?

    *mumble mumble* it would also be great if we could fight/kill guards and gain negative reputation :p
  3. Belladonna Rose

    Belladonna Rose Avatar

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    They were supposed to of added that to the guards and town crier. If you ask them where something is in town they tell you. Not sure if this works in NPC towns only. I know it does not in POTs
  4. Jaesun

    Jaesun Avatar

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    Some guards have that function in some of the NPC towns. You can see if they do have directions by just asking them “where is bob?”. If they do have a list of people they can direct you to, they will then give you a list of people/places they know:


    Unfortunately, it's very inconsistent. Like most all(?) the Guards in Central Brittany do not provide any locations. Though it could just be tied to Guards that specifically say something like "I'm happy to help answer any questions". Like the above Guard does say. This is the one in Aerie.

    It looks like they DID add this, but perhaps it wasn't fully implemented?
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