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Melee Combat Feedback

Discussion in 'Release 39 Feedback Forum' started by Drake Aedus, Mar 26, 2017.

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  1. Drake Aedus

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    I took a few months away from Shroud, and have now been back in game for a few weeks.

    Melee combat... this is my "doesn't feel right" post.
    1. I feel like I'm standing too close to enemies when I fight. Are we killing each other or making out?
    2. Ranged enemy mobs break any enjoyment for melee combat. Here is how:
      • They flee far too often, we have mechanics to ease that, however:
      • Roots and stuns end way too soon. Enemy mobs break my 8 second root in less than 2 seconds for example, not fun.
      • Enemies clip through you during combat, making positioning a system of loosing:
        1. You must face an enemy head on to hit, if you are off angle you lose.
        2. You must continue to reposition yourself during combat. (see fleeing)
        3. Your ranged enemy will nearly always run directly through you, aggravating the previous 2 points
    3. Targeting is frequently lost during combat.
    4. I can't tell which combat numbers are my attacks, and which are the enemies. Am I missing or is the Thug? It can't possibly all be mine, I'm Adv#55 with 80 skill in my weapon of choice taking on yellow enemies.
    There is simply too much work for too little enjoyment in melee combat. I am using number keys and mouse clicks for attack skills, dragging the camera around far too frequently, splitting attention between the combat bar, enemy, and self status effects.

    It's late in the release cycle and I know features are locked. I'll probably repost this after R40 feedback forums open.
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    Yep! ;)~Time Lord~o_O
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