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Mind The Gap

Discussion in 'Release 40 Dev+ Feedback Forum' started by Kitty2, Mar 27, 2017.

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    The mages in BrightBone Pass offer you safe passage for 1,500 gold, at which time you are offered a text choice to pay it or not. You can click the option in the text box or type the words manually.

    However, in EastReach Gap, the mage tells you about the service, but the text choice is not clearly spelled out. I tried typing "passage," "travel," "safe," "traverse," "gold," to no avail, and then when I typed "yes," the mage still just said, "Hmmm." I had to say "Passage," then "yes," in that order, to have the dialogue function appropriately for magical transport.

    Thinking like a new player, this is likely the first Pass they will face, and this may be confusing to them - any way to add the text-based choice of "pay it or not" for the mages in EastReach Gap as well?
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