Moon magic and specialization, needs info and some tcl?

Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Pounce, Apr 23, 2018.

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    I specialised in Mooon magic and...

    I am not sure anymore, It has a lot of things that are not terrible usefull (hide and heal? come on)

    There is not much use for stealth in 99% of the settings because stealth pretty much is good for first strike and thats about it, and subterfuge is there way better imho.

    Leaves meteor strike (Lower cooldown? Realy? I can cast them anyway faster than they expire without specialization..)

    All other schools as faar i see really bolster and buff spells with specialisation, moon magic has beside the rather very limited use spells nothing in that regard.

    I think there should be more focus on strengthening debuffs with specialisation (more so than already in it)

    Maybe i am just the opinion it is not that much as advertised because the descriptions are very vague on what it can do, and the effects not flashy or easy to see without running a lot of combat log through analysers but...

    There seems not so much improvement in specialising it as there should be (hei spec. is about devoting a lot of focus onto an school right?)

    Are there any in depth infos about Moon magic? What it is supposed to really do? What plans for it there are?

    I like it as an concept very much and archer/moon magic makes sense for me at least, but I do not get the feel that there is an point having it on specialisation beside archery at this point.

    Soooo. info about it, and possible changes planned for it would help me... given i see no combos for it either.... or what my pet really does... there are some debuffs it casts but what they are really about... and does it make sense to buff my pet.. no idea...

    Soooo really.. there is to little information about it to have to make sense out of it all, or use it in an tactical fashion (Air has blink and some powerfull/usefull spells DD and convience for example and would be good for archer theme too... I was hoping just more out of moon with the debuffs for bogger enemies helping my group.. but as said, hard to see if it is worth the effort....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.