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More things to discover (example Highvale)

Discussion in 'Release 26 Feedback Forum' started by Lord_Darkmoon, Jan 28, 2016.

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  1. Lord_Darkmoon

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    While exploring the area of Highvale I came upon the lake and swam to the isle there. I was expecting to find something there, maybe an old half-buried chest but there was nothing there...
    I entered the cave in hopes to discover something, maybe a skeleton with some notes to a buried chest on some island ;) Or maybe some monster living there. But the cave was empty.
    I walked around further but could not find any interesting secrets etc. I had hoped that maybe someone would have escaped from the city. Maybe a child who hid in the hills... Or that I would find some orders of the elves in one of their tents in the camp along with some items...

    I think that the areas need much more secrets or things we can discover. Some chest hidden underneath a bridge, a broken down cart with it's dead driver who carries some notes and later we find his wife in another city and have to tell her what happened...
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  2. Oyjord Hansen

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    While I completely agree with you, that there should be more easter eggs to reward exploration, I do take solace in the fact that that kind of fluff is very easy to add, and perhaps once out of pre-alpha, some team members might be commissioned to add just that. Let's hope so.
  3. KuBaTRiZeS

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    I'd love to see that kind of things as well, and i can see how they add value to the single player experience. Nonetheless, looking at multiplayer, i'd love to see those with a random component, so not everytime you load the scene you have those elements.

    Of course, in Single player those elements should be there for you to find, then disappear forever once you find them.
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