Multi-Part Lore Driven Event: Defectors and Curses Event 2: "The 'failed' experiment"

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    PvE Combat Event on Wednesday at 7pm CST.

    Event will last for 1 hour.

    The hooded man and Arkah have travelled to one of his former research sites in Caelestis Canton, where a huge hunk of seemingly living rock has been exuding a gaseous substance. Arkah was never able to figure out what this stuff was, but the hooded man fears he may know, and feels it may have had a grave unseen effect that could put northern Grunvald in danger.

    The battle will have Zone chat dialouge callouts to indicated movment by NPC characters involved.

    Conditions for victory: Supress and chain down the source of the 3 Primary waves as quickly as possible (time allotment will vary based on the number of people involved.) At least 2 must be supressed. If allt hree are supressed there will be a bonus reward for everyone to roll on.

    Conditions for failure: Fail to supress at least 2 primary waves in the time alloted.

    Follow this thread as the story unfolds leading up to in-game events:

    If you are into RP and want to RP on the above thread as well, feel free \o/ or if you run into me in game.

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