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My First Impressions R26

Discussion in 'Release 26 Feedback Forum' started by Bowen Bloodgood, Jan 29, 2016.

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    With my current focus, my perspective is going to be a little different. I've been spending most of my in-game time collecting astronomy data.. and while this forces me to recognize my mistakes and assumptions.. my understanding is becoming more and more refined.. and accurate.

    So speaking of the sky in R26.. day time seems a bit brighter and I have 2 new observations..

    1: The sun is 'brighter' and the contrast between sun and planets that may eclipse it is much less. In fact.. just seeing the sun is a lot harder during midday than it used to be. If I angle my camera right I can see stars more clearly than the sun!

    Likewise it's a LOT harder to make out eclipsing planets.. it was bad before.. now it's just unreasonable. With all major alignments happening at noon with the sun behind them.. good luck using the sky to predict or witness alignments.

    2: I've noticed planets seem to spawn in above the horizons. We should never be able to see planets just appearing above the horizon. Ok that's probably not new to R26 but it's only become apparent to me over the past 2 days.

    And with new observations I have new rants about the sky but as those are not R26 specific either I will save them for another place and time..

    Brighter days means a brighter overland map.. and I like it. But the sky itself needs better/sharper contrast.

    I haven't had too much opportunity to see the new areas or new features but I am greatly looking forward to it. The one other change I have really noticed is focus usage which is much faster than before. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it.. but I don't really feel like it's a bad thing. I've run low quite frequently but with the free attack I've never felt truly hindered by it. So that at least isn't a bad thing. I guess a neutral reaction is a good sign in this case. :)

    Oh there is one other thing that sticks out to me.. the gate keeper at Resolute.. or more accurately the gate itself. It is clearly intended that you need to talk to the guard to open the gate.. but you can reach through the portcullis and activate the lever on the other side to open the gate yourself. I hate to say it but someone should probably move that lever a little more out of reach.
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