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Discussion in 'New Player Experience Feedback' started by Gemini, Sep 5, 2016.

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    My New Player Feedback as at r33

    Overall I am really enjoying the pre-release game, that progress is not wiped is a great bonus. The general play experience is enjoyable and well crafted. The comments that follow are not a criticism but purely my observation and experience of play, I may not have fully understood the core mechanics or missed guidance/ instructions but this is how it was for me as a 'new player' and the priority has to be to make the game easy and enjoyable to pick up otherwise you will end up with people rage quitting after a couple of hours and writing snarky comments on steam...

    I am not including my early quite steep learning curve such as my inability initially to hit the dummy because I hadn’t pressed Z, or running around in darkness until I found the light spell or not realising there was a crafting trainer who is not the adventurer trainer or not knowing that to drink a potion required it to be placed in the action bar.

    1. Overland travel is unnecessarily time consuming and I just found out about the coconuts as an alternate to a mount by chance. Fantastic item, it opened up the whole map but their use is not at all clear/ user friendly and it would be good if there was a quick equip slot switch option. Did I mention this is by far and away the coolest mount in any game ever, even cooler than the spectral tiger.

    2. Moving long distances is difficult to understand. It is not at all clear how or if the portals work, nor that you click on a ship to travel between hidden vale and Novia. There used to be a ship next to Ardoris? I spent a long time waiting for portals to change, that didn’t and looking how to get to hidden vale. A long time. Doing nothing but waiting. I also spent a long time looking for a ship that didn’t exist, a long time, hours, before another player said the connection was in Brittany.

    3. Moving long distances starts to be about ‘teleport to friends’ a good way to meet strangers but it means I now have a bloated friend list and there has to be a better way to do this. i.e. once I have been to a location it is added to a list of destinations I can teleport to aside from my ‘friends’. I have spent a lot of time playing the lute waiting for someone in the right zone to log on, I am pretty sure this is not what game play should be about.

    4. I can only recall to one location? Why? Maybe this is wrong but I seem to only be able to recall to one location – it would be good if you could move between the locations/ lots/ cities you frequent more easily.

    5. Why is there a friend mode and a multiplayer mode if PVP is optional? Frequently I have to move from multiplayer to friend only mode to party with my new ‘BFF’ so that I can teleport to them. Then I log out to log back in to change mode back to multiplayer. My vote is remove friends only, due to the teleport requirement, everyone is your friend, even the guy who took my apple from a chest, and it should just be Multiplayer or Single? Not clear at all.

    6. Keeping track of quests – I like the journal but perhaps there should be a method of marking once a quest is completed or a colour change to that entry once done, segregated by region, it is very confusing and time consuming to read what is and what is not done.

    7. Auto-loot/ Auto-stack [it would also be nice if bags used to separate crafting items in the bank would open direct from the bank]

    8. I still really don’t know how the skill deck works – it would be good if there was some kind of in-game tutorial on what must be one of the most important parts of the game - I am sure there is, probably in the new player guide but I don’t get it, at all.

    9. My poor pet! I bought a pet, taming seems like an elite skill to train up, certainly at this point. I lost it due to not knowing that if you don’t rezz it, its gone. I bought another pet, I now knew I had to rezz it but I couldn’t get to it in time because I died as well, so its gone too. I bought another pet, determined not to lose it (mainly because I was running out of money) unfortunately I disconnected, I was in a party so someone was able to point at the ground where my pet had been. I have now tamed myself a chicken.

    10. My poor COTO! Gold seems scarce, probably as it should be, though when starting out it is necessary to list items on the public vendor, pay for repairs, pay for reagents, pay for taxes pay for teleport scrolls, pay for pets. Nowhere is it clear that once your item has come to the end of its listing you don’t get the item back, you get gold to its game value, in the case of Coins of the Obsidian, this is 1g – thanks so much! thank you, 1g, put that in the well...

    11. I am sure there is a reason but I also don’t understand the different start locations, shouldn’t it all happen in hidden vale first and develop into the rest of the map according to the path you have chosen?

    Anyway, I must be enjoying it as steam tells me I have logged 988 hours, though most of it was waiting for a portal/ teleport to owl’s head that never happened.
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    Welcome, @Gemini !

    You've already traveled the roads of SotA a fair distance. Stick with it. I learn new things every day after more than 2 years.

    There are many good Player Created Resources in that section of the forum, but tucked away in the Game Features' Skills and Combat section is this recently stickied gem:

    It should help you with your Point 8, and has a great system for anybody to try out in a new deck.
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