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My R10 feedback

Discussion in 'Release 10 Feedback' started by AndiZ275, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Greetings everyone,
    I made some notices during my R10 experience, which I wanted to share:

    1. Overland Map and Travel

    - I found myself running the same distances over and over again, which gets a bit tedious over time. So I'd like to see a possibility to change to the Overland map, as long as I'm not in combat, a pvp area or a dungeon. But as long as I run on the surface in a peaceful area, I'd like to be be able to travel per map whenever I want.
    - Another thing I'd love to see is: When you enter an area from the Overland Map, I'd like to choose where I want to enter the area, so I don't have to run the same distances over and over again. How could this be done? On the Overland map, when you stand over an area, give another option with directions, from where you want to enter (north, east, south, west; and in settlements: market place, castle area and other districts). I don't see, why my Avatar would want to enter a city always from the same direction.
    - I'd like to ask people for direction, like in Outcast for example, where NPCs had a Show-Emote, where they are pointing in the right direction (worked most of the time)
    - In the bigger cities I could imagine some kind of transportation system, like horse carriages for faster travel between often visited points

    2. Combat

    - For me the combat system at the moment is a bit too stressful and not fun, since cards tend to come and vanish all the time, even with slower discard speed. I have to put my attention to the skill/spell bar most of the time to not get lost, especially when I want to use combos or combine my skills... Locking all my Skills/Spells to the bar is no option for me because of the grave disadvantages.
    - My suggestion: Get rid of auto discard (glyphs vanish only through right click and the using of skills/spells). So it would be possible to better plan combat in beforehand and only have to care for the spells/skills you have used or discarded.
    - One of my main problems with combat at the moment is, that you're hitting air most of the time, since there's no proper hit detection in the animations. Especially Melee Combat looks just strange... I never know if I hit or missed aside from some numbers...
    - I love the Aggro Range of Mage/Bow Enemies, but Melee Enemies are still blind and ignore you.
    - I've read in some of the notes that enemies won't respawn in areas anymore (which I would highly appreciate), which wasn't the case for me (especially in the swamp the skeletons were respawning all the time)
    - Reagents: I'd prefer another solution instead of using reagents all of the time, like powering up glyphs through reagents (then you may use a powered glyph for about 50 charges, till you have to power it up again)

    3. Trainable Non Combat/Crafting trainable Skills and Spells

    - I really hope, we'll see those in the future, since it would add a lot to character diversity. And for several classes preparation skills are necessary (rogue skills like ambush from stealth or pick lock, wisdom skills for sages like reading of old languages, survival skills in the wilderness like traps, etc.)
    - at the moment the game looks too combat/crafting focused for me. But hopefully this is just the pre-alpha experience and with the introduction of the virtues it's getting more interesting...

    4. The new areas: Verdant Pass

    - especially the ice area looks very nice, but at the moment it's nothing more than scenery with some random mobs. It's what Yahtzee calls a "Meadow Shooter": http://www.escapistmagazine.com/art...st&utm_medium=index_carousel&utm_campaign=all

    Especially this passage: "The meadow shooter feels utterly lifeless, but for the sprinklings of baddies that have been scattered about like seeds upon barren rock. It's not like a sandbox game that also populates its world with visual storytelling and NPCs, so that when you encounter a living thing you have to take a moment's reflection before opening fire. And the benefits awarded for exploring the world's hidden nooks and crannies all come straight back to the combat as well - ammunition and health pickups and marginally better guns. The meadow fighter is the illusion of a large and varied world that in truth contains nothing but mind-numbingly repetitive combat. It contains, generously speaking, about seven or eight fights in total, each one multiplied ten million times."

    - But hopefully, this is just a pre-alpha experience, too...

    5. Bugs and Technical Stuff

    - The game seems to hate my soundcard, since often it prevents me from hearing other stuff at the same time...
    - Lots of Network Crashes when entering areas
    - Performance/FPS in Ardoris is terrible, while in other areas excellent (especially outside of towns)
    - A small graphical glitch when travelling areas sometimes (game is continuing, but screen freezes till you reach the loading screen)
    - Enemies often refuse to die
    - loading times when entering settlements are still very long (despite using a SSD hard drive)

    6. Chat
    - Don't really like the chat system at the moment, since informations tend to get lost under tons of text in the small chat window
    - But +10 points for letting the dog in Ardoris respond to "say hi to your mother for me" with "Ok, I will do that for you" :D

    7. Crafting and Resource Gathering
    - Since I tend to overlook resources (especially stone), maybe your Avatar could tell you, when he spots something interesting. This could be connected to a trainable out of combat perception skill ("your Avatar found some minerals").
    - I don't understand, why all those steps in crafting are necessary, to create one item. Seems a bit over complicated to me and makes it hard to find out recipes by yourself.

    8. Interface and Controls
    - Why do all MMOs hate Walking through Mouse Click (on the overland map and in the areas) in addition to the WSAD? So you could click somewhere in the distance and can write chat messages, etc. while your Avatar is walking. A game where this worked just fine was Runes of Magic (which was terrible in many other aspects).
    - Having to click through so many windows to create one item in crafting, is a bit too much in my opinion

    Can't wait to see R11, since the game seems to be evolving. But a lot work is still to be done...

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