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My R5 Impressions

Discussion in 'Release 5 Feedback' started by Fifty, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Escanaba

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    I thought it was too dark over all. I felt like I need to hang blankets over my windows and shut off all the lights to see. Even with a torch it was a bit too dark. I hope the plan is not to rely on gamma correction to fix this. I like a dark game but this was a bit too dark. Even in RL your eyes can adjust to the dark. Reminded me of the 80's and 90's gaming. With better computers and monitors I hope this can improve.

    Zoning with a party did not work a lot of the time. We would have to zone out then back in, leave one in the zone and have the second person zone out and come back in.

    Lock up after first hit not sure what happen here. After hitting many different mobs my character would lock up and I could not move until after the fight was over. The fix was to loot the mob after someone in the group killed them.

    Housing lots. I liked the smaller villages there was no fences. One area I was in was a cul-de-sac with many houses around a small park like area in front of it. Very nice. As a higher level I am hoping I can take over one of these lower level plots as I like them better than the ones in the cities and towns. The cities seem to.......fixed... not sure what I want to say about them. Really they just seem to stiff.

    Crafting still seems like a pain but I only did a few items. Things are looking good here as a whole. I like the changes that they have done here.

    Overall very nice job. This is only R5 and lots of items are being fixed and being improved. Looking forward to R6