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My R7 feedback

Discussion in 'Release 7 Feedback' started by Jonathon.Doran, Jul 5, 2014.

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  1. Jonathon.Doran

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    Peoria IL
    Overall the release was good, and I believe R7 is where the game needs to be for now.

    1. No chat interface by default

    I would prefer to have this interface visible. Entering the game and hearing others around you gives a better impression. It took me a minute to figure out how to bring this up.

    2. No first person view
    This was promised during kickstarter, and I think it is time to deliver. There are times when I do not want my view blocked by a character model. I play EQ in first person, and have came to love that viewpoint. Of course this should not eliminate any other camera options.

    3. Dark dark dark (in the daytime)
    I like darkness, and pushed for it early on. But that should be at night, when away from light sources. The world at times seems monochromatic.

    On a related note: the paperdoll icons are small, and with the darkness I could not easily see most of them. Please improve the contrast on these icons.

    4. Inventory opens directly on top of crafting station window
    And these windows do not remember their previous positions. EQ stores the previous positions of windows, so that when they reopen they are where the player last placed them. Having windows stack on top
    of each other is non-optimal.

    5. Monster health hidden by vegetation
    This is made worse by the lack of optional first-person view. When a mob is near a bush, its health bar can by occluded making it harder to follow along..

    6. Take all should close loot window
    There is nothing further I can do with this window, so why keep it up.

    7. Too hard to switch from Tools/Combat
    Mentioned in another thread, but repeated for completeness. I had to click multiple times before finding the right pixel. Give me a key and I'll abandon the widget.

    8. Respawn in The Hidden Vale (Hills) was a bit too fast. I don't like waiting too long, but at first I was getting attacked before recovering from the previous fight. I think respawn should be slow enough to allow a proper crawl.

    9. Moonwalking when harvesting on slope
    I opened another thread for this, but worth repeating. The repositioning can go on forever.

    10. Occasional hang during crafting
    Take all, close do nothing.

    11. Floating numbers in dungeons
    I have no LOS to an encounter, but see the health numbers.

    12. Unharvestable nodes
    Particularly in the Graff Gem Mines. The cursor changes when hovering over the node, but there is no way to start harvesting. Sometimes jockeying for position will result in a successful harvest, but there are some I could never reach.

    13. Mobs stuck in terrain.
    Graff Gem Mines Loc: (-7.4, -25.0, 231.9). A mob was in the water and trying to get out.

    14. Dungeons too small (Clink, Graff)
    I really like Everquest's dungeon sizes. Multiple groups can hunt without getting in each others way.

    15. Light globes disappear into walls
    ... and the light is gone.
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