My recommendation to make everything "right"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by merlinfire, Oct 8, 2022.

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    For 1-2 releases,

    Make online drop rates (across the board) equal to offline drop rates.

    Maintain 2x xp

    There's no way to get back human-time used during decoration. There might be ways to try to account for people losing their winning RNG on MW'ing, but I don't know enough about that struggle to make a recommendation. But rather than going down the infinite rabbit hole of "tell us what you lost (entirely without any verification) and we'll just give it to you" or "here, we'll just give everyone 1 million gold", or any other arbitrary thing, just give everyone double drop rates for a couple months and everyone should be able to get caught back up to where they were, with a little extra as a thank you

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    They could just write a tool that takes everything from inside a specific container and places it in the current house with random location and rotation. Most people wont notice the difference :p