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Mysterious Swamp

Discussion in 'Release 61 Feedback' started by Thwip, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Thwip

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    Mysterious Swamp is pretty good, it provides another interesting option to UT. A good step in the right direction, it certainly is good to have more than one scene to play in the game! ;)

    As an interesting side note, The Rise used to be another good scene before the difficulty was increased and the reward was decreased. There were always people in there, now it has been balanced, and there are far less folks playing in there.

    If the goal is to drive people away from SotA so that no one plays it, that goal was accomplished in that scene with the balance changes to The Rise. However, if the goal is to create a fun game and scenes where people log in to play, perhaps things should be reevaluated, and the scene returned to its formerly fun and rewarding state. ;)

    Also, perhaps K'rull could be considered. This was also a scene where formerly players would log in to play there. ;)

    Perhaps there are other scenes too that could be adjusted in the same way, to provide a fun, interesting and rewarding reason to log in and adventure. After all, what does it matter if one plays for 40 minutes in UT and attenuates, or if one plays for 52 min in Mysterious Swamp and hits attenuation? Or if it happens in The Rise in 47 min? Or in K'rull in 38? Or in another diverse scene? After all, the result from a progression standpoint is the same, yet the players experience is enhanced by the diversity. ;)

    Consideration should also be given to options for smaller groups, 2 or 3, challenges where they too can attenuate as well. And certainly solos! Many avatars at times enjoy solitude in solo adventuring. Certainly there could be no harm in scene(s) that provide an attenuation experience to the solo Avatar as well? ;)

    In conclusion, keep the content coming! It's a good idea. And consider; there is no need to throw Hacked Oracle Crawlers and Kobolds in to a swamp where they don't really fit... They already exist in the scene they were created for, K'rull! All that is needed is for K'rull to be balanced correctly. ;)

    Good Luck, thanks for the game!
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  2. Traveller13

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    I don't see that happening.
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  3. golruul

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    FYI I've been duoing this with a friend and we attenuate after 50-60m. Both of us are heavy armor melee. Some runs we stick to the trees/boars/crocs/slimes and other runs we just kill the undead.

    Soloing is definitely viable for trees/boars/crocs/slimes -- just be careful around Spawn of Sobek and coral/gold slimes.