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Need salvage for pattern info on in game drop items.

Discussion in 'Release 40 Dev+ Feedback Forum' started by Jarikith, Mar 23, 2017.

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    As it stands right now, as of this current QA build store bought items have info in their tooltip that they can be salvaged for patterns. Which is awesome and good info to have. However in game drops that can be salvaged for one use patterns have no such information. As an example I have once more looted a lovely lich axe. I know it can be salvaged for a pattern. I know this because I get sooooo many lich axes and I have broken down many many many of them and ended up with one shiny pattern. This is the only way I know this. There is no tooltip info to let me know that maybe I don't want to just trash the item or merchant it for a bit of cash, or that I'm not wasting a bunch of time immediately salvaging something that doesn't even have a pattern yet. So can we please get the pattern info applied to in game items for those that can grant single use patterns?
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    Sure would be nice....
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