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New Char Runthrough - Battle of Solace - SP

Discussion in 'Release 62 QA Feedback' started by Vladamir Begemot, Jan 30, 2019.

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    • Oracle door doesn't light up unless you've taken or looked at the book on the left. This might not be ideal.
    • A person starting at Solace Bridge without doing the tutorial defaults to Blades deck, but has Bow equipped and still gets "Pick up that bow and shoot the target" prompts. Maybe switch to appropriate deck upon entering lunar rift.
    • Tavern is way better
    • Hmmm.... took key off Quincy, clicked gate, not switch, and the gate opened without using the key. Quincy is quite obvious with the blue glow, remove key altogether?
    • Off topic a bit, but just realized again that Aimed Shot needs a different sound effect
    • A few more of the enemies should be standing when approached, milling about. All but one or two in the whole area were laying down.
    • No problems with Edvard
    • Pretty smooth fast experience overall.