New Combat Pet Ideas Part 2: Shallow Graves

Discussion in 'Skills and Combat' started by thesometimeslurker, Jun 3, 2018.

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    I know I literally just did a Death summon, but this idea was one that I've had stewing around for a long time (Plus I 've always considered the Death tree to be the "Pet" magic tree). Anyways, this skill would be completely different from all the others in that it would summon a few pets to fight instead of just one.

    Skill Name:
    Shallow Graves

    Pet Name:
    Forgotten Corpse

    Skill Tree: Death
    Requirements: Death Field level 50
    Radius: 10 m Targeted circle.
    Summon Category: Undead
    Starting Pet Health: 50 (Undead Mastery will affect health)
    Starting Pet Damage: 2-8 (Undead Mastery will affect the damage)

    The dead are always beneath you, even if there is no grave to mark them. Taking advantage of this, the necromancer invokes a forbidden necromantic sigil to send tendrils of dark energy spiraling into the ground. This energy will seek out an reanimate any corpse (no matter how ill preserved) it finds, though the number of reanimated increases in places of recent death. While weaker than the average Undead, these corpses will eagerly mob their target, overwhelming them with their decaying touch.

    Mechanics Description:
    Targets an area within range of you. Summons 2 uncontrolled zombies (minimum) that will attack their nearest target. These zombies will inflict a low DoT of poison damage on their target. This skill has a unique mechanic in that if you have recently slain a creature within a certain distance, the skill may summon up to 3 more zombies depending on the number or power of the creature(s) recently slain. It is important to note that these zombies do not count towards your combat pet slots, meaning you can keep a different tamed or summoned pet while you use this skill. To balance this, these zombies will only receive half of the benefits from Undead Mastery and their scaling from leveling Shallow Graves will be low.

    Notes: This skill was to introduce multiple temporary summons into the game. While much much weaker than other summons, I feel like this skill would really make the caster feel like a real necromancer, commanding hordes of zombies while his more powerful Lich or Skeleton. What do you guys think?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.