New Combat Pet Ideas Part 4: Reanimated Dragon

Discussion in 'Skills and Combat' started by thesometimeslurker, Aug 1, 2018.

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    For this pet idea, I wanted to make this one a bit more unorthodox in the way of how you obtain and summon it. This is the first pet that requires its tree's specialization in order for it to be unlocked.

    Skill Name: Animate Dragon/Summon Undead Dragon

    Pet Name:
    Skeletal Dragon, Zombie Dragon

    Skill Tree: Death
    Requirements: Death Specialization level 80. Undead Mastery and Mummified Undead level 90
    Summon Category: Special
    Starting Pet Health: Varies
    Starting Pet Melee Damage: Varies

    Description: One of the greatest milestones a dedicated necromancer can achieve: The creation of an undead dragon. Whether reanimated as a zombie or skeletal minion, such an undead is highly prized for their overwhelming presence and power. Though what kind of undead dragon is reanimated is up to the desire of the necromancer who braved such an undertaking....

    Mechanics Description:
    This skill has two parts to it. The first part requires you to slay a draconic creature (wyverns, dragons, etc). Once this has been completed, you must attempt to reanimate it. The higher the skill level, the better the chance of it reanimating. Once you have succeeded, you will be given a prompt as to what type of undead you wish to animate, both with their own strengths and weaknesses: Zombie or Skeleton. A Zombie Dragon retains its breath weapon, has a higher health pool, has a chance to inflict poison damage, but has a very slow movement and attack speed. A Skeletal Dragon has a higher movement and attack speed, has higher Damage Avoidance, has high resistance to magic, but loses its breath weapon and has a lower health pool. While the size of the dragon will not change (similar to the size of the Red Dragon), the stats of the undead dragon will very based on the dragon corpse used. The more powerful the dragon corpse used, the more powerful your undead dragon will be.
    The second part of this skill is fairly simple. Once you have selected what type of creature you are trying to create, the corpse vanishes and the skill is replaced with Summon Undead Dragon. If you are in an area large enough for your dragon to move and fly about, the skill can be used, otherwise you may not summon it. This Dragon gains benefits from Undead Mastery, but since it does not decay Mummified Undead reduces the cast time for both parts of the skill.

    Final Notes: I wanted to do something special for my birthday month, and for one of my favorite magic trees, so I made a pet that requires a ton of investment into the tree, but with a huge payoff as it will have the potential to be the most powerful pet if you can slay the strongest dragon in the game! What do you guys think of having an undead dragon combat pet? Would you like to see combat pets that require specializations and unique procedures? Would love to know!
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