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New(ish) Player Complaint: Allow Players to partially fulfil buy orders.

Discussion in 'Release 65 Feedback' started by Amariithynar, May 24, 2019.


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  1. Amariithynar

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    The number of times I've seen someone advertising they're buying materials only to be laughed off because I don't have stacks of 50+ or 100+ of a rare material, or 400+(!) of common ones, just to make a trade transaction with them and get some gold so I could get myself started, when I was brand new, was atrociously high. Even now, when I'm AL 85 and able to go hunt in T5 areas solo with relative ease, I can't really participate in the player economy because I don't have the massive economic base that older players have, and it's something I've seen a few players newer than I complain about, too. It'd go a long way towards helping loosen up the economy gridlock if we could just fulfil buy orders partially; Say someone is buying 50 Beetle Carapaces for 900g each, but you only have 8. You could sell those carapaces to them for 7,200g (a HUGE sum of cash for someone still trying to get on their feet, economically) and the buy order would just tick down to 42. Someone could still come along and fulfil the remaining buy order entirely, still, as well. And if this were to be implemented, more varied orders could be made as well, as crafters will always have materials they want to buy but they won't have to make multiple orders of standardized amounts- just a lump sum of all of that type of material they're willing to purchase, at a given price. And, vice versa, instead of having to buy entire stacks of goods, people would be able to buy parts of a stack, so they can get just what they need and/or afford, while leaving extra for other people to get, instead of having to go through the process of either storing it until they eventually use it up, or re-selling it because it's more than they'll ever reasonably need, especially when they need liquid assets to get other components or items.
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  2. Anpu

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    Pacific Northwest
    The actual answer to your question is, you probably don’t find many vendors buying in small quantities. The reason for this is the UI and process to constantly maintain all those buy orders are so frustrating many players gave up (buying in small quantities).

    Ask @Vladamir Begemot about that.
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  3. Alley Oop

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    a long time ago, they put together a plan for things they wanted to add post-launch. some of them happened, some of them did not (yet), some of them changed or are no longer applicable, but it's still useful as a list of things port knows it would like to add.

  4. Pablo Hassahn

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    Oh yes, totally agree. I believe to improve UI is a way better thing for solving the described problem. Since putting a lot of goods to sell is frustrating as hell.

    I would suggest to start with just three tiny improvements:
    1. Ability to modify price without returning goods to inventory.

    2. 'Split to equal amounts' option for each pack. For example, we put 97 wolf heads to trade, click the button, enter '10' for each pack size and '40' for each item price. That way we get:

    • 9 packs of 10 heads each @ 400 gold
    • 1 pack of 7 heads @ 280 gold

    The same with orders to buy, of course.

    3. Dragging and dropping several item packs will start a sequence of dialogues where you just see what exactly pack of items needs pricing, and specify the price.

    I think crafters and traders would open Champagne after these enhancements get released. :)
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  5. Jason_M

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    I totally agree. This would create a lot more flexibility for craftspeople and gatherers. It would also save a lot of time and frustration.

    I hope this is added :)