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Newer Camera feature- No please.

Discussion in 'Release 30 Feedback Forum' started by Palendead, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Palendead

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    I noticed the new way the camera was set up from the last time I played and was not a fan, I even turned down my rotation speed so I didn't over shoot my target with the little circular cross hairs. Still in the first five minutes of game play that became a massive hindrance to my experience as I am going blind a little. it was much easier to target what I needed by having a mouse to move around the screen and use my right click for when I wanted to rotate my point of view. It was a neat idea on the developers part but, my sensitivity never scaled down when i went to do so and just made any further progress in the game a severe struggle for me to the point where i feel disheartened and a need to report this. I am genuinely sorry if this hurts anyone's feelings.
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  2. Leostorm

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    You can cycle thru camer stance modes with "v"
    from centered behind / over shoulder / first person

    And you can turn off the auto switching cursor for combat (in game options), so then once u go into cursor mode you will never go out of it like it once was.
    I also switched my cursor mode switch button from Tab to something else so that I dont hit it.

    So now I can play how it was before the camera changes
  3. Oba Evesor

    Oba Evesor Avatar

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    Isnt Tab the default key for changing cursored mode. V changes you FoV and perspective. G now cycles through targets.

    Hit Tab and yo should be able to play as before.

    I rebound all these, pretty sure those were the defaults.