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    I am not sure if this is still in the process of getting tweaked, but for now, night vision on QA seems to make it almost as bright as daytime.

    In essence, this makes all light from spells and equipment completely superfluous. Light spells have a limited area of effect around the avatar, while the new night vision effect is like having light everywhere around the avatar.

    You may as well not have night-time at all.

    I don't know the best way to implement night vision, but I think it would be better if both night vision and light spells each provided a unique benefit, so that both will remain useful and relevant.
    Maybe something like this:
    1) light spells are more effective in underground regions (brightness and radius of effect are greater).
    2) night vision is more effective in outdoors regions (brightness and radius of effect are greater).

    Night vision is a moon spell, so it would make sense that it would be more effective outside where moon beams are present.
    Also, it would be nice if night vision was not an all-or-none effect; I would like it to become more effective at higher skill levels (perhaps a larger radius of effect, greater brightness, and progression from monochromatic to color vision as the level rises).

    Anyhoo, at least it's not snot green anymore :D
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    I am one of those people who really have night vision on constantly. I can't stand dark scenes and not being able to see. I hate the light spell cause its just this thing that floats around my head but doesn't really help to see anything more than a foot in front of me. The best part of night vison has always been that it affects the whole scene and not just some radius around the player.

    In my opinion current light spell on QA is great. I could understand if they decided to make skill level affect brightness or make it a little shorter lived or something but I don't think night vision has to be reduced in effectiveness just to make light spell more popular. They are still both options and plenty of people prefer dark scenes - I have spoken to a few. Night vison gives us a choice of whether we want darkness or light, and gives devs the options of making really dark scenes if they want.