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Obsidian Trials - Distance & Participation

Discussion in 'Release 65 Feedback' started by Crazy Phil, May 1, 2019.

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  1. Crazy Phil

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    Orlando, FL
    This happens to me a lot...

    I log in and decide that I'd like to do some PVP in the Obsidian Trials. I had so much fun testing it with folks early on! So...
    1. I run to the docks in Northwood to leave.
    2. I transition to the overworld.
    3. I run to the Obsidian Trials.
    4. I transition in.
    5. Nobody is there, so I wait for a full round of no participation to go through while I hit the training dummy to spend some pooled xp.
    6. Looks like nobody is coming... I decide to leave...
    I now feel like I've wasted valuable playtime. Eventually, I'll burn out and stop trying... :(

    Suggestion: Please implement a way to queue up for the Obsidian Trials so we can continue enjoying our valuable playtime while we wait. To keep things thematic and in-world, you could add this option to the Oracle Confirmatories.
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  2. Dhanas

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    Please do it! @Chris @Vas Corp Por
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