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Offline game: make crafting worthwhile please!

Discussion in 'Release 57 Feedback' started by Kara Brae, Sep 23, 2018.

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    I've been playing the offline game for the past two months. I haven't found anything that is worth crafting to sell. I either break even or have to sell at a loss. The only reason I have found to craft is to raise producer XP. But why do I need producer XP if the stuff I produce is not worth producing?

    I get loads of deco loot in the offline game, but the loot is worthless if I can't do anything with it. I have looted around 50 paintings, but have no place to put them because I'm not earning enough gold to buy multiple properties and houses.

    My goal in the game is to own and decorate a lot of real estate, but unless I can earn money crafting this will remain impossible.

    Please, please, please raise the prices that merchants will pay for crafted items.
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