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Offline mode: Feedback about loot and bank

Discussion in 'Release 55 Feedback' started by Kara Brae, Jul 13, 2018.

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  1. Kara Brae

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    I am very happy to see that beginner loot is better in the offline game than in the online one. (I am still Adv level 13 doing beginner quests in Solace Bridge Outskirts, so I can't give feedback on higher level loot).

    My wood and cotton harvests are comparable to the harvests I get in the online game after levelling up foraging skills to above level 80.

    In Solace Bridge Outskirts I hacked at an iron ore node and got a Silver Crown of the Obsidians.

    I'm getting more loot per bandit than I do in the online game.

    I underwent the Oracle's test in Ardoris for the first time yesterday and she gave me 1500g! I went back today to see if this generous gift was only a one-time thing, and received 1500g again. This makes me very happy, and offsets my fear about paying lot taxes a little bit. (I want to own a WHOLE town, so 1500 gold will be a drop in the bucket unless taxes are removed).


    My only problem with the abundance of loot is that since I can only carry about 80 lbs, I get overencumbered too quickly. But I can live with that because I claimed a lot in Soltown with a lot deed I had in my account and I can stash everything there. My bank has 430 slots, 440 of which are already taken up with all my backer stuff and rewards, so I can't store anything else in the bank. I don't know how many bank slots new players get, but I hope they get at least 300 (the same as a chest)

    I was pleased to see that updating rewards at the bank after the initial loading of rewards works perfectly. When I clicked on Claim Rewards, I was asked to enter my online credentials and my rewards were updated, including the 9 Gold Crowns of the Obsidians that I got from subscribing to the rewards program during the last Telethon.

    The abundance of loot and harvested resources makes the game feel much more rewarding and encourages me to keep playing. I hope this feeling continues as I level up!
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    Veritas Sanctuary
    In offline mode you can buy taxfree deeds from the house deed merchants. They are also cheaper then the taxed ones.
    Without any bank upgrades there are only 30 slots.
    The alchemist vendors are selling COTOs for gold in the case you need some.
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