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One tiny thing to keep farmers sane...

Discussion in 'Release 57 Feedback' started by Snakyy, Sep 2, 2018.

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  1. Snakyy

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    When you pick water from a well. It should a something like 1-10 buckets of waters per pick. If you feel hyper creative maybe you could even make watering skill (not really) that we could at max rank pull awesome 50 water buckets with one pull (I'm a dreamer in a dreamy world that is full of dreamers).

    Why? Well, I don't know. My quality time is not looking how my character picks water from a well! If I do that for large planting beds of 100 seeds. That means about 500 seconds of quality time from my life looking for my character pick water. Dear god if there are let's says....10 large planting bed or more.

    What is that? Yes, I hear a horde of fanboys rushing for defence screaming "BUTTT YUH CAN BUY WATERTREBLL!!!". I don't care it is still boring to the tears! That I need to plan my life on watering cycles should be boring enough for growing things, then spend let's say 30 min each day looking my characters virtual bottom as it keeps pulling buckets of water out of a virtual well.
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  2. Witcheypoo

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    I live in the same dream world as you then! +1million to you! The only amusing part of gathering water is that you seem to put a whole bucket of water in your shirt pocket....
  3. Sir Leonard

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    King's Landing
    Agree we should have a batch support. As for time, i understand this is tied to economy since if you can get 50+ buckets in a single pass, then the agriculture activity would jump from "profitable if done correctly" to "absurdly good and gold mass generating exploitable" profession.

    Also, can't wait more for fertilizers. And i hope we can drop some rare ones from mobs too.
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