Option to dispense one item at a time without opening.

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    Specific Proposal for Casks

    My use case is I run several lots with free beer. Everyone else that runs a tavern has the same problem. The current casks are not great for it because
    1. The intended use case is one at a time.
    2. The player sees how many are there.
    3. Players take everything, by accident sometimes.
    4. The casks does not allow items to return, so accidents cannot be corrected.
    5. Immersion is broken by opening casks, you should get mugs one at a time from it.
    My suggestion is that non-kindred get an alternative behavior when clicking on a cask. They should simply get one.

    Alternative Generalized Proposal for all Items

    Make a container that dispenses a single item without charge.

    1. Current container often players take too much by accident.
    2. The process of opening a container and then choosing the item is less immersive and reveals too much, like how many items are in there.
    3. Vendors are close, but require gold (nothing is free) and it is a pain the rear to add each item one at a time.