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Ore/Ingot weights are messed up

Discussion in 'Release 30 Feedback Forum' started by icekiss, Jun 5, 2016.

  1. icekiss

    icekiss Avatar

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    Every ingot weights 1
    Every ore weights 0.2
    You get a (iron/copper/silver/gold) ingot by taking four ores, and adding coal.

    Does anybody see what is wrong with that picture? What are we doing when smelting? Just mixing in the coal with the ore and calling it a day? That is NOT how smelting works! Smelting removes the remaining rock and other impurities from the ore. The coal is used to heat the ore up, which means its weight can not be a part of the resulting ingot.

    So if the ore weight is correct, than the upper limit for ingot weight is 0.8, but probably a lot less. Personally, I'd make ore and ingot weight the same, and thus asssume that 75% of the ore are rock and impurities. This would nicely correlate with the recipe: 4 ore give 1 ingot, because the other 3 out of 4 parts are the impurities.

    This would allow for miners to have the (completeley logical) option of smelting ore down close to the mine, repeating the cycle, and carting of a load of ingots to the market at the end of the day.
    Instead today everybody is selling unrefined ores, because they are lighter then the ingots which will result from them.

    So as you can see, the unlogical weight of ores and ingots does indeed have an in game effect: It changes the flow of goods.

    PS: I apologize in advance if this makes the job of the miners harder, because ore weight gets bumped up to 1. The way it's now is still silly...
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  2. peetaur

    peetaur Avatar

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    I agree that the weights make no sense. But also I don't think you should raise the weight of ore; instead they should lower the weight of ingots... already it takes 52 ore just to make one pair of chainmail leggings, or 24 for boots that each weigh 3.
  3. Roycestein Kaelstrom

    Roycestein Kaelstrom Avatar

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    If we're gonna go for realism, we shouldnt be Chery picking only certain items. The entire collection of resources must be adjusted accordingly.
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  4. Baratan

    Baratan Avatar

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    Ingot should weigh no more than 1/10th of the ore. In addition should require almost 1/3rd of its weight in limestone and I don't remember how much coal per weight but that should also be largely produced instead of mined. IMHO
  5. Poor game design

    Poor game design Avatar

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    They should both weight five times as much. Ingots 5 and Ore 1.