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Path of Courage Text and Video Quest Guide - Scepter of Dread, Highvale, Skrekk, Grannus

Discussion in 'Player Created Resources' started by zeme, Dec 1, 2017.

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    1. Speak to Arabella in Soltown, Aerie, or Resolute and she’ll send you to Highvale

    2. Highvale is in the center of the map

    3. Speak to the Dying Knight, Gawain,and receive Gawain’s Amulet of Testimoney and the Highvale Gate Key

    4. Go to Resolute, just north of Highvale

    5. Talk to the guard to open the door, enter Resolute and go in the tavern to the right to speak with Brigid, give her your “Gawain’s Amulet of Testimony”

    6. Talk with Brigid about “go to the court in mine stead” and receive Brigid’s Amulet of Testimony

    7. You’re sent to Valhold, although you’ll need passage through the town of Harvest, which is at the northwest of Novia

    8. Run to the ferryman in Harvest named Khary

    9. Seek passage, tell him your name, say you’re “prepared”, say you’re on “official business”, say you have the “Amulet for Grannus”, “passage”, and “yes”

    10. Speak with the knights in Estgard about “aid”

    11. Go to the Kobold Expeditionary Camp and free the guard from the cage, you must use the key from the Kobold directly guarding the cage. This part has about 5 to 8 kobolds you need to fight at once

    12. Insert the key and free Sir Patrick, you’re sent to Ferig’s Battlecamp right next to where you are

    13. Speak with Lord Ferig, then go to Valhold and tell the guards you’re on “official business”

    14. Speak with Grannus and he will fall into a sleep after he’s called a bad leader

    15. Speak with Essen and escort him upstairs and say “request” to him

    16. Go to Demig’s Battecamp and give the guards the “Royal Norgard Writ of Passage” as well as Lord Demig the “Baton Headpiece”

    17. Go to Skrekk to speak with Korabar, the king of Kobolds

    18. In the Caverns of Skrekk give them the “Diplomatic Note of Korabar”

    19. Speak with Korabar, the king of Kobolds, and give him “Diplomatic Note of Korabar”, “Royal Norgard Writ of Passage”, and “Baton Headpiece”

    20. Speak with Korabar, the king of Kobolds, about “time”

    21. Watch the impromptu duel and get teleported directly to Valhold Palace to speak with Grannus

    22. Watch another cut scene as Mara is killed

    23. Grannus comes to his senses as his children kill each other infront of him and gives you the Scepter of Dread so he may lead his people

    Congratulations! You’ve completed the quest!
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    Exceptional guide that is succinct and concise - sadly I found it after I had arrived in Estgard and out of confusion ran to Valhold and spoke to Grannus - and after a lot more confusion I found this guide and started from step 10. Now it seems step 15 is broken for me - that is Essen won't head upstairs and I can't say “request” to him and seem stuck there?

    Any suggestions or can a mod reset my progress so I can retry step 14?

    Late Edit: when I was speaking to Grannus no dialogue tags were appearing but when I typed 'amulet' tags appeared and I was able to give him the quest amulet as expected.
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