Path of Truth Questline: Needs Warning

Discussion in 'Quests & Lore' started by Iszela Argentoile, Nov 22, 2021.

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    I won't go into the details, however SotA Elves aren't one 0f those well known Tolkien elves.

    @Sannio please make sure you don't delete, change appearance or otherwise put those children out of employment. Relocate them to some new scenes (like Castle Atos) and give them happy new stories.
    (also, make some fancy salvage-only crafting station themed after that thing).
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    You guys must hate Star Wars.
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    I respectfully disagree with that change. With every fiber of my being.

    When I completed this questline, this part made me incredibly uncomfortable. So uncomfortable that I remember stepping outside to get fresh air, utterly sure it was just going to take me a couple minutes to clear my thoughts... and found myself still outside, frantically pacing, two hours later.

    'Cause, see, the caging, the taunting, the hurting, to me, they're not fictional. They're real life memories. My skin will forever bear scars, to the point I never show my bare legs in RL. Not even my ankles.

    At first, I had the same thought. 'They should change it to something less unbearable'. But after carefully thinking about it... no, they shouldn't. Because the discomfort we experienced there, it is important.

    Anyone can agree, on an intellectual level, that violence against children is wrong. Ask anyone out of the blue: 'Would you hurt a kid?' and their answer is gonna be a plain 'No, I would never!'. Yet bullying and abuse are still a thing.
    In my opinion, this questline provides a very important opportunity to experience – not think rationally like above, experience – what gratuitous violence against kids feels like. Whether you're the one (unintentionally or not) wielding it, or just witnessing it.

    Some time ago, a close friend of mine started playing SotA while he was visiting me. When he started that questline, the only thing I told him was: 'Beware, this is not for the faint of heart'. After he was done with it, he came back to me, completely unsettled by the experience, and stated: 'I'm so upset. I couldn't do anything to help these kids. They were innocent. It's so messed up.'

    Remember that feeling, mate. Sure, it's very uncomfortable. But it made you feel something important. It led you to reflect upon the issue. It left you wanting to talk about it. That is important. That, to people like me, is even priceless.

    All thanks to a questline.

    In my opinion, a trigger warning, as asked by the OP, would have been enough. I'll mourn what I consider to be a loss.

    I apologize for being a bit late to the party. I hesitated a lot before posting this. (And I know you're sorry. Don't be. I'm fine. And I own a wonderful collection of socks.)

    Edit 3/9/22: Stumbled upon this and thought it was really worth adding to this post:
    relevant part: 45 min 55 sec to 50 min 13 sec

    'And, frankly, I'm thrilled that I've actually created an emotional response in a game.'
    'There the hommage to 'killing the children room' in every game I've ever done since'
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