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Path of Truth Text and Video Quest Guide - Bonesteel Dagger, Etceter, Xenos, Artifice, Boreas

Discussion in 'Player Created Resources' started by zeme, Nov 30, 2017.

  1. zeme

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    1. Go to Soltown, Aerie, or Resolute to speak with Arabella

    2. In Soltown she’s sitting on a bench in the center of town

    3. Speak of “Blood River”, she’ll send you to Robert Villines of Aerie

    4. We’re to use a lunar rift

    5. Solace Bridge is north of Soltown

    6. Pull the lever to the castle

    7. Run through the castle to pull the exit lever

    8. Cross the bridge and go left up the hill to the blue lunar rift

    9. Step through the blue lunar rift

    10. Climb the ladder over the bridge in Blood River, go to town

    11. 2 guards with wolves are guarding Robert Villines

    12. Ask him about the “dagger”

    13. You’re sent to Kyle Behrand of Aerie

    14. Aerie is southwest of Blood River

    15. Go to the North East blacksmith of Aerie

    16. The blacksmith won’t speak without your options enabled

    17. Uncheck “Skip Conversation with Merchents” under Interface options

    18. He sends you to the City of Vertas

    19. Go north, through mountains, and then south to Vertas

    20. Speak to Elven Historian Bener, located near the castle in the center

    21. Speak to Sinar

    22. Sinar is behind you in a house

    23. You’re then sent to Quant, who I believe doesn’t exist

    24. Search the forums because the quest is broken and find out you need to speak to Kiakis about “bonesteal” and receive the book, “Homily of Perri the Unchained”

    25. Learn about Chancellor Notus the elf of Artifice

    26. The book mentions Aren Bennis, the previous faun savior and you will be the current savior

    27. The journal tells you to go to an innkeeper in Jaanaford for some reason, so do that

    28. Go southeast to Vertas Pass

    29. Run past the troll to the left with 2600 hitpoints or pay 1,500 coins at the starting NPC

    30. Speak with the innkeeper about “bonesteal”

    31. Speak with the innkeeper about “alternate” routes

    32. You’re sent to the village of Kiln

    33. You’re send through Nightshade Pass

    34. North, through Nightshade Pass, south around the river, and southeast to Kiln

    35. Speak with May-May the faun, in the middle of Kiln about “bonesteal”

    36. Speak to May-May about “The Homily of Perri the Unchained”

    37. Speak to Dion about “books” and get a Blackblade Pass Key

    38. Speak to Dion about “The Homily of Perri the Unchained”

    39. Go south and west to Elysium and then Artifice through Etceter’s Ferry

    40. The Welcomer will tell you to speak with Chancellor Notus of Xenos

    41. Chancellor Notus tells you to get clearance from Satyrs of Etceter

    42. Go to Etceter, speak with the Etceter Satyr Guard Captain, who tells you to speak with the Harbormaster, Avitas

    43. Avitas tells you to speak with Lady Ransom, who gives you a virtue choice, in the inn

    44. You’re sent to Etceter Crag Mines for a Black Iron Ore

    45. Crag Foothills are right next to Etceter

    46. Go right or left, all the way through to the Etceter Crag Mines

    47. Go straight and right to Mackey in a room on the first level

    48. Give Mackey “Lady Ransom’s Introduction” and “Lady Ransom’s Package” to receive the Black Iron Ore

    49. Head back to Etceter’s Harbormaster, Avitas

    50. Give “Black Iron Ore” to Avitas

    51. Speak to Captain Steel on the Dock

    52. Ask about “passage” say “ready” and “yes” then close the chat to teleport to Xenos

    53. Chancellor Notus will now speak with you in Xenos

    54. Chancellor Notus gives you access to enter Artifice

    55. Travel to Artifice

    56. The Welcomer is fine with your entering now

    57. Get creeped out by the Satyr in Artifice who says you’ll never want to leave, lots of bad vibes and foreshadowing

    58. To the left everyone is lustful

    59. Straight everyone is gluttonous

    60. To the right everyone is wealthy

    61. Take the Key of Longing at the end of the room to the left

    62. Take the Key of Hunger at the end of the room straight ahead

    63. Take the Key of Envy at the end of the room to the right

    64. Insert all 3 keys into the 4th door where you entered

    65. Speak to the person being tortured in the center about “Artifice”

    66. Speak to the Satyr behind the tortured person about your “fate”

    67. Go to the bottom witness children being murdered

    68. Step around the pressure pad and go through the bloody spike trap

    69. Go straight, then right while in the maze

    70. Then left a bunch of times through a gold door to see Chancellor Notus

    71. Speak to Chancellor Notus to realize bonesteal is made of people

    72. Speak to him about Boreous

    73. Take Boreous’s crown from the ottoman, he’ll fall over

    74. Speak to the kobold blacksmith Hephaestus about your “destiny”

    75. You’re told about a faun in the library

    76. To the left in the library is the faun

    77. The faun is Perri, give him “The Homily of Perri the Unchained”

    78. Tell Perri to be “free”

    79. Go to the kobold blacksmith Hephaestus for 100,000 experience

    80. You’re sent to Solace Bridge and Highvale for the other (Courage and Love) parts of your quest

    81. The Bonesteal Crown gives 10 Intelligence, 4 Damage Avoidance, and 4 Damage Resistance making it an excellent helmet and reward, enjoy!
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  2. MMOisaDrug

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    Every Bandit tells me (when they're not popping off with some wisecrack about not being a tour guide) Mackey is there in the back, keep looking. But he is not... am I doing it wrong or is this bugged? No one is attacking me, I have the necessary items in my inventory but also no one in the first level is named Mackey... kinda feel like they're punking me. :(
  3. hackerssuck

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    Don't know if you still play, but he's the bandit leader. Until you talk to him, his name doesn't show up as Mackey.
  4. Jaesun

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    He is kinda hard to find, just keep looking around.
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  5. Simon LeBon

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    Seattle, WA
    So given that Crag Foothills is tier 5... at what point can someone plow their way through and survive solo? Or with a buddy?

    I'm pretty green still and the elves are red. I'm afraid to take on two of them (they look to travel in pairs).
  6. Jaesun

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    At low levels that whole area is very dangerous. Though often times, going in there in Open mode, I usually see several people in there killing things.

    I’d just head in the default entrance, and have a look around. Don’t go too far from the entrance though.

    The area near the mine entrance can get a bit nasty.
  7. Simon LeBon

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    Seattle, WA
    Yeah, I peaked my head in there and was able to get an archer on his own. I got a few hits in and it looked like I had a chance and then he nailed me hard a few times and I realized I had zero chance of taking a red archer on my own where my character is at the moment, so I backed out to Novia. I guess I'll put Path of Truth on hold for a while.
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  8. Jaesun

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    The path of Truth is the hardest of the Virtue quests, and that area is a good indicator of what you are going to be facing later on. Once this area is manageable by your character, that’s a good indication you can proceed on the Truth Quest.