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Pavers again..

Discussion in 'Release 47 Feedback Forum' started by Sher Shadowleaf, Nov 8, 2017.

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    It seems as if I'm the Queen of Paver Problems. I don't think this is considered a bug as much as it is the normal way the small/large pavers work vs. the giant pavers.

    I have two village lots abutted together at the ends. In the photo, I'm standing on the line between the two lots.

    The giant pavers meet together without leaving a gap between the two lots, but the small and large pavers leave a gap, and it seems to be happening on one lot more than the other. I've tried picking them up, using different pavers, logging out, but it is still there.


    Also, the Viking City House isn't centered in the city lot behind my two village lots. The house is symmetrical with a door in the center, so the door should be in the center of the city lot.


    I'm sure this isn't of the highest import in the grand scheme of things, but if there is a Future Fix-It list, maybe these two issues can be added to it.
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