Peace Within

Discussion in 'The Bards of Poets' Circle' started by Razimus, May 15, 2015.

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    Well I'm working on a piece it's not done yet, the poem is done, and it's long so I chopped it down. I'm looking for some good lute music to go with it, at least 3 minutes long. Preferably 3 minutes and 30 seconds long (or even 4 minutes long). While looking for CC-music I came across this piece. "Peace Within". I asked him about this song specifically...

    I told the author of this song how amazing it was and that he should submit it to this game, as I found this song on a CC (creative commons) song page. Here is his response...
    Hi John,

    No problem, you can use it. All my tracks are released under the terms of
    CC-BY license (, this
    means you are allowed to use any of them for free for the commercial
    or non-commercial purposes.

    Kind regards,
    I highly recommend you guys give this Peter Rudenko a look, the MP3s for his CC songs are found here;

    I don't know him personally, just enjoy his piano music and thought this game could use some great music such as his, thank you.
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