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Discussion in 'Release 56 Feedback' started by Aiyarree, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Tried to install Fedora - i think at max one version back. 27 if i remember right.
    I was not even able to get to the desktop out of the box. Puled the plug right at this point.
    Such things are annoying. 199x it was ok. 20 years later i expect more.
    The problem was and is probably the pascal notebook gpu.
    But thats an explanation. Not an excuse. Ubuntu was always able to get me to the desktop while your mighty rolling release was not.

    So far Solus is ok and reliable to some point. (Was also always able to deal with my core-hardware)
    Ubuntu so far never let me stuck in the woods. Never.
    As said - it is the Toyota. Doing its job.
    And most of the time i feel it is doing the job that others are promising to do.

    In my eyes performance is a question of specialization. And that comes with a trade of. Ever. And sorry - but your experience with ”amazing”, ”breath taking”, “yaw breaking” i was never able to make or see.
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