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Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Witcheypoo, Oct 31, 2019.

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    Hi, This is sorta a gripe/wishlist thing. Taming and using those pets in SOTA is CLUNKY AF. If we could get a little 4 square button cube for pets or a small bar for them when they are out, that'd rock. Just limit it to 4 skills, maybe? Like one would be attack, the next would be RUN AWAY!!!, the last 2 would need to be the pet taunt and whatever other special ability that pet had or frenzy. As it is, pets are pretty useless, specially with that lag after you say, "git em!" having to go to the pet bar, right click him OR find him in the scrum and right click him is just NOT a workable solution. *big beggy eyes*.
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