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    A lot of old MMOs that have lasted a long time have benefited greatly from having natural gathering places for players. Even as a population diminishes, it's still easy to meet active players when there is someplace that almost everyone goes regularly for some reason.

    In some games, the gathering place is some kind of fast travel hub. People bind there for convenience and there is constantly thru traffic for traveling. This probably isn't a viable option for SotA since there are already teleport to zone scrolls, boats, and player owned teleporters.

    Another option would be to have an instance with a lot of high value daily quests in the same area, as well as some other conveniences like a bank and some useful NPC vendors. There could also be some sort of trinket, maybe obtained via a simple quest, that can be activated to teleport to this instance without expending the item. Then even people that don't do any of the dailies would still probably go there sometimes just to sell or bank or restock reagents without having to run or use an extra scroll.

    That's just one idea, and it might be bad, but I think having some sort of natural gathering place of players would definitely be good and could probably be accomplished in a lot of different ways.
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    Dara Brae
    I will volunteer my POT Dara Brae to be the player hub! Devs please make it so. Thx
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    One possibility. Add a npc bard in Soltown inn that gives an extended weakened version of the bard buffs that powers up slightly for every 5 minutes you stay in the inn listening to the bard play. That way a few of the more established players will hang around the scene and assist new players as they come through town. New players get to see more players around which is a good thing.