Player owned NPCs with Player created Dialogue!

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    See the information above in the forum header to learn how to use this very simple method to create custom dialogue for NPCs you own!

    Only the Lord Marshall Automaton currently has the ability as we beta test.

    Here's an example:

    The below composition includes everything needed to have a branching conversation!
    Greetings! My lord has asked me to assist you as I can.  Anything I can help you with?
    +Any rumors?
    +Who is Your Lord?
    +Where am I?
    Since your asking, stories have been floating around! I hear of a dungeon in the local cemetery that many have gone to explore, whereas none have returned. You'd be wise to avoid that cursed place!
    Ravalox of the Darkshire. He's the Governor of Darkshire Hills. He is good and just; unlike his brother Xolavar, who has great disdain for Outlanders!
    +I must ask something else of you
    Why, this is Darkshire Hills, Of Course! Why not take Holiday at the Darkshire Hills Hunting and Fishing Lodge this year?  See the Majestic møøse!  A møøse once bit Xolavar.
    +May I ask something else?
    No realli! He was Karving his initials on the møøse at the time!
    I dare not speak of him!
    Fare Thee Well
    NOTE: This thread will be updated as the NPC Dialogue mechanic is brought onto the live server.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.