Player vendor: Please allow user-defined buy order list

Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by CatweazleX, Jul 31, 2021.

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    The player vendors have a 'system list' of items one is able to buy from others. Over time the list becomes longer and longer and sometimes items are missing.
    Please add tabs to the buy order tab (window): System and User.

    When system is selected then the current list of items is shown. When user is selected a list of items is shown that the user has added. Initially this list is empty.

    To add an item to the 'user list', the user drags an item to the window. The item is also added to the list, in the case it is not in the system list. (eg. when a young shark is dragged to the 'user list' it will add young shark (and not _this_ young shark), even when young shark is not listed in the 'system list'.)

    This allows to add items to the buy orders that are not (yet) in the system list. And hopefully keeps the list of buy able items shorter for the user/player. But it demands that the user has at least one item at hand to add it to the 'user list'. The 'system list' is still needed to set buy orders for items that the user not able to get, yet.

    A right click on an item in the 'user list' should open a menu that allows to remove the selected item(s) from list.