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Players & gustballs network issues

Discussion in 'Multiplayer, Social, & Guilds' started by Vladamir Begemot, Jul 7, 2019.

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    I had filed this under items, but as I was paying more attention it is apparent that the players in the event are suffering from the same problem to a lesser extent, so deleted the other thread.

    Basically, the gustball wasn't propagating it's final location well, and was rubber banding back and forth a bunch when you hit it. @Antrax Artek had to send me a picture to prove he won because the balls location was totally different on my screen.

    As I said, players were rubber banding too. The gustball was doing so, or just appearing in its final position. Sometimes the owner couldn't see it any more. Sometimes everyone but one person couldn't see it, sometimes half half. There were about a dozen of us in the scene.

    I also /slew earlier, and couldn't see several of the players but could see about 3/4 of them.

    The town (S Mart Factorium) was populated with players using gustballs for several hours, then about 15 people during the swap meet, then about that many sticking around for gustball and a bunch more gusting (we had 5 at once gusting their own balls during a race).

    It was bad so we all left the scene for a time, hoping it would reset whatever, and came back. But it didn't seem to help.

    You can see a lot of it here if you want some visuals of what the ball is looking like. If you go to 2:02:00 you can watch a bunch of players trying to explain to the owner of the ball where it is. You can see it on the video but he couldn't and neither could I.


    I know this is just a bunch of info, not a good bug report. Just letting you know some observations.
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  2. Lord Subtleton

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    Added issue #65261 for review.
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