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Discussion in 'Quests & Lore' started by Stundorn, Jul 5, 2018.

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    Estgard/ Cologne
    Hej Portalarium Dev Team,

    I know i sometimes share my harsh or heavy pointing opinion torwards you and the Game and i often complain about things etc.
    But actually i give SotA a second try.
    I made some decisions regarding housing and how to play the game.
    Well in short i need to separate myself from PoTs or Community , because exactly this is destroying it for me.
    You know the power disparities, the gap and whatnot. So i try to play the game on my own and i'm the type of player who idle's a lot and never did min maxing or want efficient play.
    To me atmosphere and immersive play is key.
    Your game has a good Atmo and i sure can immerse i to it as long as i dont compare myself or are get in touch with any competetive or cooperative content where i begin to feel that in the first line the skillsystem and how to develop your char is more of a single-player game and not a MMORPG.

    SotA is both! I dont like it, but i cant change it.

    So this aside , now my concern!

    Please fix quests and my Journal!!!
    Please do an Quest QA overhaul and try to find a solution to fix the broken quests.
    I dont want to reset mainquest for that.
    Many reasons.

    1st i have it already done, i am regarding immersion, but also the fun i had or didnt have is key to me.
    I dont want to do it again, because
    1. I dont believe and know from some players that some bugs still appear.
    So this would be no solution .
    I would ragequit if i reset it and get the same bugs 5 Month after release.
    2. Some of the bugged quests i have arent Main Story Quests, but Outskirts Quests (Drumplemouth e.g.)
    So a reset wont help.

    Actually i have exactly 2 incentives to play the game.
    Searching for quests i haven't done yet
    and doing some Agriculture /Cooking /Brewing and decorate my new Shop and try to get a living again.

    I wont go for xp and grind!!!
    That's no gameplay i like, i even dont understand it how it can be called a gameplay.
    But i know some people here define their playing gstyle exactly like this and like to grind xp and min max their toon.
    Ok fine, in combination with how the skillsystem and such is setup it kills the MMORPG Sandbox for me, but anyway i'm trying to have fun as a SP and online to me is only for Vendor actions.
    Maybe if it happens Roleplay.

    Quests are important !
    I want them to work and i want the ones i already did fixed and dont let them destroy my immersion.
    I sometimes would like to find new Quest givers and use the sparkles, but i dont want to have sparkles all over my compass from already done, but bugged quests.
    I would like to use it instead for searching release notes about new quests or the www to find where Quest are obtainable.

    Thank you.
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    I currently have three quests in my journal that are finished but wont go away. I had already gone to the town crier to have quests cleared and reset and redone the quests when i was able to redo the main quest line. Now i have quests stuck there again and no way to clear them out. I went the route of revisiting them to possibly clear them but they will not go away. So i am stuck with them in my book. Yay.NOT
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