Please make gingerbread houses a random sized scaling cooking trophy.

Discussion in 'Wishlist Requests' started by Sorgin Txakal, Oct 11, 2020.

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    Again, loving the pumpkin trophy mechanics and now I must admit it has made me, as a dedicated chef and fisherman, a little jelly.

    So, I can catch trophy fish, but they lose their uniqueness if I turn them into food. Larger varieties of the same fish don't make "better" food and don't seem to even yield additional meat. Caught fish however can be turned into a trophy that keeps its stats, even if it doesn't reflect its size by comparison to others caught as the trophy for all of the same sized fish seem to be a fixed sized entity.

    As a chef then, I have really no means of making any trophy that I can say is my own as the one available was grown by a farmer and its really their trophy on display, that I maybe had the privilege of decorating.

    Then I looked at the gingerbread house recipe, and am hoping the devs might consider a trophy version of the gingerbread house that takes considerably more gingerbread but scales in size randomly and could be somewhat affected by the chef's cooking level. This could serve as a test for cooking decoration trophies for cooking contests. During the holiday season it would be cool to see some even large enough to fill a village lot space: