Positive signs I see in Shroud's development

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Grumpy Krabnevir, Oct 12, 2020.

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    Hi Folks,

    I've been a long time poster in the forums and always very quick to be critical of the game and of the development team. Some of it has been fair, some of it perhaps not, but I just wanted to take a moment and post a few things that I see as positive signs in our struggle to success.

    1) More Dev Hours - In the past couple of months, we have seen a return of several developers who have been able to put a lot more time into the project. Most notably from my view has been Ravalox, but there have been several others who have either seemed to return to the project, or have been able to devote more time to the project even if they were sorta still here all along. While we have seen some good return from that already, I feel the full effects of that should be more noticeable in the coming months as they have more time for their work to show it's fruition. Very positive sign to me for increasing the speed of development.

    2) Bug Fixes - It's great to see the Bug Brigade's planned return. I have noticed that Ravalox in particular has seemed to really start tackling the list of bugs that need fixing, and while it will take some time to whittle down the list, the fact that there is an actual organized focus on that is an improvement and already paying dividends.

    3) New Content - With everything else to work on, we have still managed to add some new content with the Lord British's Castle scene, and the other new scene that Chris is working on, and other smaller things like the new food point system.

    4) MAPS!! - Finally. While is seems like a small thing, it is vitally important to new(er) players to have that reference. Most people don't want to spend time aimlessly trying to find what they are looking for. The fun is/should be in the activity, not in the time wasted trying to figure out where the heck you are in relation to where the heck you need to be.

    I feel we are much closer to a point where new players can come into the game and not feel that it is incomplete. While there is still a lot of depth to add in etc., it feels on the surface like it is closer to being in a state of being able to retain new players in higher numbers.

    That's my list, just wanted to try to make a positive point for a change :p.

    What have you noticed that you feel is a positive representation of forward progress?
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    I agree, the bug fixes seem to have seen an increase, reworking some content such as the food was an insane improvement in my opinion, and I mentionned it before but the new Shooting Star spell works probably exactly like I expected and wanted it to, it is a great high damaging spell which acts very fast (with an Ice Arrow you can land some nice double hits), and acts more like physical damage against mobs, so mages aren't as resistant to it as most spells.

    These are good progression proofs for me, and pretty much where I am waiting for it!
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    I agree 100% the dev team has been working very hard at fixing a lot of things and bringing forward a lot of the promised stuff from 2017 which is awesome. Keep up the great work! look forward as always to every patch of goodness :)
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