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PoT playlists / track order (broadcast automated phonograph)

Discussion in 'Release 28 Feedback Forum' started by Scraps MacMutt, Mar 31, 2016.

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    Please give us the option to lock the order in which the songs are played in our player-owned towns. It appears that the phonograph currently lists the songs in alphabetical order and plays them in random order. I'd prefer that the songs in my playlist be played in a particular order. I spent many, many hours on the SoundCloud website listening to all of the SotA songs and arranging them into playlists for my towns and a randomized playlist defeats some of that work.

    Perhaps you can add a "shuffle" option to the phonograph window so those who want a randomized song order can select that.

    Other than that one issue, I really appreciate your hard work giving us more control over the playlists in our towns. It's a really nice feature! Thanks! :)
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