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Prosperity Tools & Exceptional Chance -not working?

Discussion in 'Release 33 Bug Forum' started by kaeshiva, Sep 24, 2016.

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  1. kaeshiva

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    1. Prosperity Tool Excep Chance Not Working?
    2. 100% - tested with smithing hammers & scissors so far both at lvl 100 skill in respective craft.
    3. No, but annoying nonetheless.
    4. Details

    Just been discussing this with a guildmate and have noticed the following:

    With lvl 100 tailoring, expert tailoring bench:

    Regular shop bought tailoring scissors: Exceptional Chance = 25%
    True Bronze Tailoring Scissors (which add +5 proficiency): Exceptional Chance = 26%
    Prosperity Tailoring Scissors (which add +3% exceptional chance) Exceptional Chance = 25%.
    Silver Tool (which adds +2% exceptional) - Exceptional chance = 25%
    Heavy Iron (which adds +3% exceptional) - Exceptional chance = 25%

    Where is the 3% from the prosperity scissors bonus? Where are the bonuses from other tools that supposedly add this bonus?
    Originally I thought this capped at 25% but it seems the extra 5 proficiency from true bronze is enough to bump it past that.

    Surely the prosp and other tools should display 27-28% ?

    5. Switch tools, open crafting interface
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  2. Scoffer

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    Tested this with level 39 carpentry as well, Expert carpentry station.

    Making Heavy war hammer:
    Carpentry Hammer of Prosperity (+3% exceptional chance) = 17%
    Shop bought regular old Carpentry Hammer = 17%
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  3. Mac2

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    I needed to be level 93 in tailoring to get the 25% chance in tailoring. I was able to get the 25% chance in carpentry at level 80 with a true bronze hammer. My prosperity hammer is still at 24%. There was no point in buying the prosperity tools in the production other than they are indestructible.
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  4. Snazz

    Snazz Avatar

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    SK / BKK
    Wondered about this too. Was hoping it was 'hidden'

    Comment @Attenwood ?

    I hope the Devs add the RNG rolls to the debug logs so we can properly bugtest during the pre-launch. Mostly for crafting and gathering
  5. GrayFog

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    I really would like to know this as well...
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