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PvP Community FEEDBACK !

Discussion in 'Release 16 Feedback' started by Abydos, Apr 14, 2015.

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    Its like the old game of spy vs detective Milady, there is no game without the proper rules which yes give lots of realistic liberty.

    The only argument being held is the difficulty of keeping track (which is resolved by proper AI) and the fact the game might become very "popular" all of a sudden over steam (I hope for you guys) and too lax rules would lead to a repeat of UO's downfall due to hacking and griefing and whatnot (very highly unlikely since everything is logged on the servers, every action)

    leaves us wondering what we are paying for, and sorry for saying it ; but our independance of choice within the same self-defined parameters...

    We are simply longing for some attention, and the mystery of faith hath made us unlikeable because of some silly money scheme which hath poisoned our minds.

    It's the barrier that wasn't there (Lord British dying in his own castle due to a player's wall of fire) that made everything feel so connected, we are simply longing for affection

    and yes I'm sure you saw me coming, the only way of knowing if affection is true is by letting life happen and to follow its course, which life and art cannot be limited by "flags" and mechanical rules.

    Um... yea... rock on...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.