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QA Server Bug Reporting Guidelines and Policies (x-posted in all sections)

Discussion in 'Combat, Skills, & Magic' started by Lexie, Feb 16, 2018.

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    Not everyone may be aware of our bug reporting procedures and policies, which we completely understand! Everyone was new to this at some point.

    Those that do not use the /devbug after previously being asked to may find that their bug forum post does not get submitted due to missing information. In instances where this is the case we will post what specific information we need from the /bug and why it is important in that specific instance.

    On occasion, some of the info in the /devbug fields isn't relevant. We will still submit those. But when it is needed and you didn't anticipate it, it still causes delays we have to circle around back to. It's best to get in the habit of using it. :)

    So remember, if you don't use /bug you are posting at your own risk. We'll continue to submit ones where we have all the info we need, /devbug or no /devbug.

    Thank you so much for your cooperation.



    Avatars, the latest QA release is upon us! Please use this forum for bug reporting of this QA release ONLY. Do follow the format below, because it will help us out greatly in responding. If you do not, it's possible your bug report will be misinterpreted, or worse, lost!

    Read BEFORE submitting your first bug: Reporting Bugsā€¦ QA 101 Document

    • Search for your bug before posting in order to avoid duplicate reports.
    • Only reply to an existing thread if you have additional information for the reported bug. ALL extraneous commentary will be deleted to avoid cluttering the reports.
    • Keep your bug report short and factual.
    • There is no need to submit crash logs. Crash data we require is automatically logged.
    Bug Report Template -

    1. Title:
    2. Reproduction Rate:
    3. Blocker?
    4. Details:
    5. Steps to Reproduce:
    6. User Specs:
    HOW TO USE THE COMMAND: use /devbug in-game (QA server). This information is saved to your system's clipboard. A page will open to the bug forums via your default browser. Simply paste this information into a new forum post. Do not leave the fields 1-6 blank, if possible.
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