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Quest Feedback: Lost Whiteguard Mine

Discussion in 'Release 50 Feedback Forum' started by Jefe, Feb 18, 2018.

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    Completing the quest to find the old lady's long lost love left me unsettled. There is a binary answer at the end which I don't think was thought through well enough due to proof of existence after death.

    During the quest, you find a note indicating her beloved was irritated with her to the point where he was going to leave her. Upon returning to her, you can honestly report that is was not who she thought he was, or you can compassionately skip over those details. I think that supposition is broken by the fact that there is clear evidence of existence after death (i.e. ghosts, undead). Thus taking the "compassionate" way simply means that you will be a bigger jerk when she meets up with him after passing away and he says "yeah, about that.... due to the way you breathe, I want to see other people..."
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