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Quest log names NPC but NPC avatar not updated from job name

Discussion in 'Release 57 Feedback' started by yarnevk, Sep 19, 2018.

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    In the Path of Courage starter scene the guard to the monastery gave me a quest for supplies, and it got logged as Lt. Simone asked me to do this. Hours later after fighting mobs and exploring I saw the quest was unfinished and went around looking for Lt. Simone. However because I had never specifically asked for Lt. Simones name I could not find her - the quest pointer was of no help because she is guarding the stairs by the elevator and the pointer is useless in 3D levels.

    She was not sparkly waving over here either so walked right by the NPC named 'Guard' many times. I had to do find a youtube walkthru to figure out who to return the quest to, simply because I had assumed I was looking for a 'Lt. Simone' because that is what the name in the quest log was but the avatar never became named because I never asked for her name. So I went back and forth up and down and never found her - left wondering if she is on a schedule and I was just missing her or if the quest arrow was just buggy. Since it took several sessions days later to get back to her I certainly did not recall where she was standing since it was just a random side fetch quest.

    If the game assumed I knew her name when giving the quest log, then it should have changed her avatar name so that I could find her again when returning the quest. I was offline single player, but seems only difference there is game state is stored offline not online.

    I just got my heavily invested box in the mail and have not played since persistence so this content was new to me, had this been a recent purchase I would have rage quit and lowered your new player retention.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.