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Discussion in 'New Player Welcome' started by kenns01, Sep 17, 2019.

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    Is there a hard cap on skills that has been confirmed? Reason that I ask is I'd like to play a single role, and if I stay with the game for a long period of time, and hit that hard cap, there will not be as much incentive to play the game for me. Reason I'd stick with EQ1, due to the progressive AA system for players that stick with one character for a long period of time. Thanks!
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    Skills max out at 200, but the required experience to reach that is astronomical due to the exponential curve. Even the most hardcore players haven't reached that high on a single skill. We essentially have a soft cap where you have to determine whether it makes sense to continue to add more experience to that skill understanding the diminishing returns or to add that experience to another skill.
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    Perhaps it is worth mentioning that unlike some games where you add up the skills and the total has to be less than 700 or 600 or whatever there is no max number for the sum of all skills in Shroud of the Avatar.
    The only cap is for each glyph to max at 200. But as @Oakenhammer said, it takes so much experience to get to 200 I doubt it would be worth it.

    However, there are ways for you to limit your own skill tree. If you add warding in a magic tree it will limit the tree on the opposite side of the chart. There is plenty of information on warding already included in the documentation.

    Also, there is a limit of two trees of specialization. You can add a third specialization, but it will force one (or both) of your other specializations to go down arrow and that one will bleed off fast if you try to train the third one.
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