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quitting the game application just wont...

Discussion in 'Critical Issues (Blockers, Performance, Crashes)' started by Gussak, Nov 23, 2019.

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    1. Title: see thread subject
    2. Reproduction Rate: always
    3. Blocker? yes?
    4. Details:
      quitting just stays there forever (wont quit),
      I kill the window (with `xkill`) and ctrl+c on terminal (that I used to run it sending SIGINT),
      or if I am in a hurry I need to do this:
      `pkill -fe -SIGKILL "Shroud of the Avatar.x86_64"`

      exit to menu is ok, quit is not

    5. Steps to Reproduce: see details
    6. User Specs: potato PC with 6GB RAM, 20GB Swap, nvidia card 1GB, SSD
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