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    I remember starting out being stuck in a town because when I tried to leave I got a message the city was 'under siege'. I ended up recalling out because I didn't know what was going on and thought I would share some things that may not be intuitive.

    Sieges - a town can be held under siege by 'cabalists' who hate the devotions that are in the town. If a town has any devotions it will be sieged. Devotions gives great buffs (and imo along with eating 2 foods its almost mandatory/first thing you do each session). They will not effect you at low levels and you can pas thru with no worries. The guys are little and easy inside, but the actual guys manning the siege engines can be tough.

    Banks aren't connected - if you put yourself in the bank at one town you have to go back there to get it.

    You do not need good gear for quite some time. Save your money and your mats. Roll with basic armor until maybe T4 stuff. Gear bonuses and stuff is really from the masterwork and enchanting more than the type itself.

    Experience and decay will give you a headache. I would try and keep a 'pool' for both adventure and crafting proportionate to your level. If possible always have it going up and turn glyphs on/maintain as necessary. The bigger your pool the faster skills go up.

    Pick the glyphs you want or think you want and get them all to 40, then 60, then 80. You really don't have to go higher than 80 until you get everything else up. You will want that 'GM' but try to resist as you get more bank for your buck...

    After you pick your attack (bludgeon/blades/ranged/magic) pick your defense. Heavy or Light...I wouldn't try and do both until later if then. Pick 1 magic if for nothing else the shield. Death's shield is great (not so much vs undead). I use the water (ice shield) for avoidance. Some other handy glyphs to work on.

    Subterfuge Tree
    Safe Fall
    Train Dexterity
    Armor Weak Points

    Defensive Stance
    Train Strength
    Heavy Lifter (get this one so you can carry more...its not sexy but really needed)
    Fortify Defense (Avoidance is great - look for it in all your armor)

    Heightened Awareness
    Train Int
    Inner Calm
    Follow Through

    Air: Dash, Air's Embrace (Dexterity), and Blink
    Earth: Strength of Earth
    Fire: Ignite Weapon (really not needed but so cool I still love it..not for ranged though)
    Life: Healing touch and Banish Undead
    Moon: Night vision (sometimes its better than light), Celestial Blessing
    Sun: Light & Enlightenment (INT)

    Strongly consider not being a crafter or if you do want to be a crafter try and specialize. Trying to do it all will cost millions of everything. You can make a ton selling crafting goods.

    Add as many friends as you can to help you teleport around the world easier.
    Play in multi-player mode where possible as you get an experience bonus.
    Play in friends mode if you want the zone to yourself.

    Pet Commands -I only use 3. On numeric keypad 1=passive, 2=defenseive, 3=aggressive.
    Of all the pets I like the water elemental the best as she is always dropping heals.

    Metal types - basically bronze/copper gives attack bonus and meteoric/white iron are defensive. Constantine is spell user (focus) based. Obsidian is out there but super difficult to procure. This is same for both weapons and armor. Check out museum in Rinzai (nested (meaning wagon inside zone) in Desolace) has all types.

    Food- as mentioned I don't 'play' until I have my two devotions and eat 2 food. If its weekend I'll eat dragon food + obsidian steak...as a new person just stick with 2/4 hour buffs (steak and potatoes/wolf chops).

    Devotions- I go with combat health and adventure level personally. The higher the adventure level the easier monsters are. The easier they are the quicker they die. The quicker they die the more experience you get.

    Some of my favorite places:
    Black Rock near Etceter for Devotions. +4 adventure level
    Owl's Head & Brittany Estates for selling (always sell to a Blacksmith - you get more gold).
    Ravenswood- you can get there pretty early and pop around all of them. Great zones.

    I'll add more as I think of them!
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    Great post sir! This would have helped me a ton when I was a total newb (I'm only 1/2 a newb now).
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    Can you buy wolf chops, or just make them?
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    Lots of players craft food and put it for sale on their vendors. They usually name the vendors with the type of items for sale. Look for Fine Foods for sale, get your best fish steaks here, or wolf chops for you red to find the best foods!

    Some good vendors are in Virtue Oasis, New Brittania Market, Novia Market, Paxlair, Berans Reach, Port Phoenix, Tortuga, Braemar, Owls Head.
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