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  1. Duke William of Serenite

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    I have some very rare items. A few of interest of the top of my head are....

    All sales are pp ff.

    Baron Bed $75
    Lord Marshall Great Hearth $75 SOLD
    Lord British Golden Throne $90
    Lord British Golden Helmet $90
    Baron's Talking Mirror $75
    Royal Scepter $300 SOLD
    Duke Crown $150 SOLD
    Baron Cloak $100.00
    Iolo's Royal Founder Crossbow - $10
    Lord Marshall Founder Throne - $40
    Knight Marshal's Winged Helm - $32
    Lord Marshal Drinking Horn - $25
    Lord Marshall Helmet - $42.00
    Baron Servant Decoration Pet - $85
    Royal Founder Shield - $20
    Royal Orb - $20.00 (Lowers commission by 50% on vendors)
    Lord British Throne $15
    Lord British Helmet $15
    Elven Elder Mage Robe -$35
    Golden Clockwork Armor - $75 - SALE
    Founder Lord Throne - $25
    Benefactor Lord Throne - $15
    Lord's Servant - $35 SOLD
    Oracle Statue head - $75
    Jabbering Bertha - $45.00
    Silver Serpent necklace - $25.00
    Royal founder and benefactors armor sets, message me what you want. $10.00 ea.
    Spring fountain x5 -$7 ea.
    Teletype - $40.00 - (in game MUD)
    Darkstarr Cloak $10.00 Sold
    Darkstarr items
    Lord British items
    Oracle items
    Several Cloaks
    Skull Cloak - $10.00

    Tired of being a land lubber?
    Admiral Outfit without helmet (Very rare) - $45.00
    Baron 2 founder City Water Home - $65.00
    Baron Founder City Water Home $55.00
    Lords Water Home - $30.00

    If you had anything in mind, I most likely have it, message me. I will post more as I go through my stuff.
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  2. Lomyr Edain

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    se Wisconsin
    still have the Admiral Outfit without helmet?
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